Thursday, July 19, 2007

TMNET - StreamyX : They Really Sucks

The one and only internet service provider in Malaysia -- TMNET- StreamyX. What I can say, they sucks in their servicing!

They just pissed me of with their lousy and slow problem solving. What happened? I just lost my internet connection at my house for almost a week, today is thursday and I still haven't get my connection back!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flowers from the Dragon

Have you heard Dragon Fruit before? Malaysians should be quite familiar with this kind of fruit. Its selling RM 8 - 10 even RM 12 for organics one. Well, the fruit gets its name from the look of it. It looks like a dragon ball (chinese dragon illustration with a dragon and its dragon ball). But this blog wont talk much about the fruit but its flower.

Have a look on the picture I posted, this is the flower of the Dragon Fruit. Its huge and very nice looking, sorry i think roses have to stand a side. Whats so special about this flower is it bloom only from late evening until the next day morning. So is only 12 hours from bloom until the flower close and dry up.

Wonder how dragon fruits grow? I have a series of photo from flower to a red dragon fruit. But its quite big size actualy so i cant upload it at once. Well enjoy! These photos is taken at the garden infront my house, where my father plant the papayas, dragon fruits, and guava. :D

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Complicate Orb Icon

Complicate Orb Icon

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Just Follow Law

Just Follow Law.

A Singapore Movie directed by JACK NEO. Don't know any one of you have seen it anot but I found it quite a nice movie to share here. Starring, the famous Phua Chu Kang, Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong.

Story is mainly about Lim Teng Zui (Gurmit Singh) and Tanya Chew (Fann Wong) exchange their soul after a car accident. So, is a man soul in a woman body and a woman soul in a man's body.

I felt that singaporean movie always have a similarity content and culture with our country Malaysia. So the you can feel the conversation meaning and what they have to say about our government is almost the same like what our malaysia rakyat feels about our Malaysia government. Of course Malaysia government is more worst then Singapore's.

Recommend this movie to all Malaysians, and of course someone oversea who like to know more about ASEAN countries.

LAW is just a Guide, sometimes you need to break the LAW when its neccessary.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

About Search Engine Optimizing

Let’s talk something about SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) this time. Since I join my current company on March this year, SEO have become one of my task. My current company have an e-commerce website on the net on selling software protection dongles and authentication device. So, I’m not only in charge on the design part but also website SEO.

I still remembered the first day I study SEO, I found it quite hard to understand. But that time I was wondering how other website (actually is web pages) got to rank itself high in the search engine. That time I was told by my brother that it have something to do with the Meta Tags on the web pages. Then later I was told by a website developer about something PPC (pay per click) Google.

Finally, from a SEO dummy, now I finally got to understand more how SEO function and what it do. So, for people that still don’t know what SEO is, in a simple way to explain it, SEO is about making your website to rank high in search engine when people type a particular phrase à getting your website expose and generate traffic Finally à make the traffic to potential buyer that will give you profit and income. So, I think SEO have a really close relationship to Internet Marketing, apart of internet advertising.

This is just the general idea of SEO, and there is more detail about SEO on analyzing, reports, tracking, and follow up. Try to register yourself to Google analysis to track your website visitors. Thanks to Google Analysis, now my job is much easier on getting statistic for company website.

Feel free to visit my company website or

Monday, May 21, 2007

Starcraft 2 Officialy Annouce!

StarCraft. A familiar title for all 90s gamers, even you are not a gamer, you will still heard of it before. Its been almost 10 years, StarCraft (I) had been introduce to the gaming industry and gave a great respond from the gaming community. It is the only game that been officialy used as tournament gaming though out WCG.
10 years after blizzard introducing StarCraft, now in year 2007 StarCraft II finaly show its first face in Blizzard Worldwide International Invitation. Its been so long, StarCraft fans waited..
Have a look on their Cinematic Trailer...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gloss Button & Icon

Gloss Button & Icon

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chat Box Column

Let's Talk! Unlimited talk time for everyone who visited my blog. Feel free to add a comment or any question you wan to ask. So, marilah sembang bersama-sama... when working is so boring...
Idea from my old roomate at MMU, Stephen!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Drum Slices 2 - Drum Concert

Drum Slices 2, will be held in Genting Arena of Stars. Another drum concert organize by hands percussion.
Date: 8 Jun 2007 (Friday, School Holiday)
Ticket Price: Rm 30 , 40 , 60 and 70

If I've not mistaken, there will be 8 pieces from 5 secondary and primary school 24 Chinese Drum Team.

Previous Drum Slices (1) was successfully held at KLPAC somewhere on 2006. They won 3 Boh Camaronian Awards. For those who missed DRUM SLICE (1), Chong Hwa Independent School KL, or Chung Hwa High School Seremban, sss' concerts, this is where you will see all their great pieces in DRUM SLICES 2.

Ticket Booking can be made online at
For more informantion please visit:

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Hatching Egg Story

Hi, everyone. Welcome to Hatching Egg Story. This blog will provide some tutorials on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to help everyone who like to start out with it. Of course some "hatching egg" stories. Well, lets start up with something nice today.

A song introduce by
原来你也唱过我的歌- by 梁靜茹
A Cantonese song that sang by local famous artist, fish leong. Recommended to everyone that read this blog. Below are the song lyrics.

曲 / 詞:藍奕邦
編曲:Ted Lo監製:Eric Kwok

听说过 这边失恋的人
听说过 这边厢的恋人

Listen here:
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