Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flowers from the Dragon

Have you heard Dragon Fruit before? Malaysians should be quite familiar with this kind of fruit. Its selling RM 8 - 10 even RM 12 for organics one. Well, the fruit gets its name from the look of it. It looks like a dragon ball (chinese dragon illustration with a dragon and its dragon ball). But this blog wont talk much about the fruit but its flower.

Have a look on the picture I posted, this is the flower of the Dragon Fruit. Its huge and very nice looking, sorry i think roses have to stand a side. Whats so special about this flower is it bloom only from late evening until the next day morning. So is only 12 hours from bloom until the flower close and dry up.

Wonder how dragon fruits grow? I have a series of photo from flower to a red dragon fruit. But its quite big size actualy so i cant upload it at once. Well enjoy! These photos is taken at the garden infront my house, where my father plant the papayas, dragon fruits, and guava. :D